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Neon Sign Stand "MUSICAL NOTE"

Neon Sign Stand "MUSICAL NOTE"

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■ Product description

A small-sized neon stand that allows you to easily enjoy the atmosphere of an old American style shop or bar in your room. This is an orthodox neon tube filled with gas in order to create a nostalgic, warm light that is not found in LEDs. The main power supply is a USB cable, but it comes with a conversion adapter that can be directly connected to an outlet, so you can easily use it with an outlet at home. It is a cute neon stand that is recommended as an interior gift.

■ Product specifications

product name Rock and Roll Neon Stand "Music"/Neon sign stand "Musical note"
model number neon_sign_musical_note
Color light blue & pink
quality Glass (stand: plastic resin)
power supply Uses a USB cable (with a conversion adapter that can be used with an outlet) or 4 AAA batteries (batteries sold separately)
*If the neon tube flashes, there is a high possibility that the USB outlet that is attached free of charge is out of order. If there is such a problem, we recommend replacing the USB outlet.

■ size

light part Width about 17cm x height about 12.5cm
stand Width about 10cmx height about 6.5cm
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