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The Mack Show CD "Super Best Max S.77-S.97"

The Mack Show CD "Super Best Max S.77-S.97"

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The trajectory of The Mack Show, a monumental Japanese rock'n'roll masterpiece celebrating its 20th anniversary since its formation in 2002 - 40 turbulent super best songs.
A 2-disc set of 20 songs each for the first part and the second part, a complete permanent youth preservation board.
<Recorded songs> Total 40 songs
1. Grease Me
2. Koi no Chewing Gum
3. The Phantom with Twenty Faces
4. Only tonight
5. Tears of Baby Love
6. Nanahan Boy's Theme
7. Goodbye Steady
8. Short Hope
9. Rock and Roll License of Love
10. Motorcycle Eyes of Love
11. Funky Dynamite
12. Love Magic Drivin
13. Red weekend
14. Speedway of Love
15. Midnight Love Letter
16. Candy Gold Sunset
17. Popsicle Boy
18. My Funny Summertime
19. Shutoko Moonlight
20. A Heartbeat Tonight

1. Passionate Roca Rolla
2. Tropical drive
3. 100 meters of love
4. Rock'n'Roll Through the Night ~ Rush into the Midnight! ~
5. She feels good
6. Summer Love Disappeared
8. GT Rider
9. Roaring Heaven
10. Wonder
11. Lincoln Continental
12. Nobody Girl
13. That girl is a butterfly
14. Fast Heaven
15. Tonight is Showdown
16. Gas station
17. Midnight Run
18. She's perfect
19. Golden Bat

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