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'50s Style Old Fashioned Glass "Sh-Boom"

'50s Style Old Fashioned Glass "Sh-Boom"

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■ Product description

It is a collaboration item "mid-century style rock glass" with rockabilly legend Cobra. From the vintage collection owned by Mr. DJ Cobra, who is also the owner of the old R&R BAR "Sh-Boom", we have created a design for Whiskey glass with his favorite pattern. Available in 2 colors: retro orange and mint green. A cute glass that allows you to casually enjoy the vintage style is also recommended as a gift. Note: This product is not a set of two.

■ Product specifications

product name Mid-century style rocks glass " Sh-Boom " /'50s Style Old Fashioned Glass "Sh-Boom"
model number Sh_boom_glass
Color orange, mint green
quality glass

■ size

About H about 8cm caliber 9cm
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