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Casquette "Vintage Style Nep"/Vintage Style Nep Casquette

Casquette "Vintage Style Nep"/Vintage Style Nep Casquette

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■ Product description

This is a voluminous, vintage-style 8-piece casquette among the original casquettes. Made of black-based wool blend fabric studded with retro warm colored NEP threads. The burgundy colored satin fabric used for the lining is also a highlight. The head circumference is approximately 59cm, but the elastic at the back allows it to be used up to approximately 62cm.

■ Product specifications

product name CLHG-051 Vintage style neck casquette
Model number CLHG-051
Color Black (warm colored nap blend), lining: burgundy
quality 80% polyester, 20% wool, satin lining

■ Size

Head circumference approximately 59-62cm (back rubber specification)
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