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"R&R SIGN" Short Sleeve Tee Shirt

"R&R SIGN" Short Sleeve Tee Shirt

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■ Product description

"Welcome to Rock'n'Roll♪" Welcome to the world of rock'n'roll♪ A new T-shirt that mixes an old American style billboard sign and a rockin' motif. The body color of the T-shirt is black, white, and natural 3 colors. Available in 7 sizes: men's S, M, L, XL and women's S, M, L. The silhouette of the rock'n'roll icon on the retro TV on the back print (center of the back neck) is also an exciting piece.

■ Product specifications

product name GRC-304 Short sleeve T-shirt "R&R SIGHN"/Short Sleeve Tee GRC-304
model number GRC-304
Color black, white, natural
quality 100% cotton

■ size

Men's S Bust 98cm, Length 65cm, Sleeve 19cm
Men's M Bust 104cm, Length 69cm, Sleeve 20cm
Men's L Bust 110cm, Length 73cm, Sleeve 22cm
Men's XL Bust 116cm, Length 77cm, Sleeve 24cm
Women's S Bust 80cm, Length 58cm, Sleeve 15cm
Women's S Bust 80cm, Length 58cm, Sleeve 15cm
Women's M Bust 86cm, Length 61cm, Sleeve 16cm
Women's L Bust 90cm, Length 64cm, Sleeve 16cm
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