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Sputnik Light "16LIGHTS"

Sputnik Light "16LIGHTS"

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■ Product description

With simple installation work, you can quickly transform your room into a modern room. This interior lamp is representative of the mid-century style. Modern lights that radiate from the center make the atmosphere of the room modern American. The difference between 18 lights and 16 lights is that when viewed from the side, the 16 lights radiate like a square and the 18 lights radiate like a rhombus. The 16 lights are the type you often see in American junk. New color matte black (It is said that in overseas bars and clubs, brass Sputnik was painted matte black and used so that only the light shines.)
* Note: This light will take about 7 days to arrive.
* Note Only the main unit is sold.
*Note Bulb (7 watt chandelier bulb) sold separately: 1 piece ¥165- (tax included)

■ Product specifications

product name Mid-century style Repro Sputnik lamp 16 lights
model number Sputnik lamp 16 lights
Maker SHO
Color gold, silver, matte black
quality steel
specification One-touch hanging ceiling type

■ size

Length 260mm, Width 450mm, Depth 450mm
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