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STAND UP, ROCK'N'ROLLER ! "The Paint It Blue"

STAND UP, ROCK'N'ROLLER ! "The Paint It Blue"

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After the Showa and Heisei eras, the long-awaited 2nd album of the Japanese rock'n'roll band "The Paint It Blue" ♪ Hokoten, Ikaten, and the band boom, spent their youth in the midst! that! The rock'n'roll sound of the interpretation of the generation explodes now!

■ Product specifications

product name STAND UP, ROCK'N'ROLLER!/The Paint It Blue CD
model number
Tracks from "The Paint It Blue" 1. STAND UP, ROCK'N'ROLLER!
2.It's Only You
3. Summer for Two
4. Good-Bye Cherry ~Omoide Photograph~
5. Last Train
Includes 6 tracks
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