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THE ★ Rockabilly! presents "Elvis 2"

THE ★ Rockabilly! presents "Elvis 2"

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The second edition of the special issue of "Elvis Presley", a whole book presented with love by the production staff of "THE Rockabilly!"

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product name THE ★ Rockabilly! presents Elvis Viva ELVIS 2! Whole book “Elvis”
・ The boy opened the door of the era for 4 dollars ・ The full picture of the ultimate biographical movie “Elvis” Interview “Austin Butler / Baz Luhrmann”
・MOVIE & TV SHOW "68 Comeback Special" / "Blue Hawaii" / "Elvis on Tour"
・Theatrical rare! Japanese edition ・Analog record with band
・There is no Elvis singing voice! Socinote Collection ・Marty Friedman talks about “Elvis love” ・LOVE ELVIS! 50s & VINTAGE CLOTHING
・The symbol of Elvis in the 70's. "HORSESHOE RING" liked by jumpsuit Elvis
・A Wonderful World of ELVIS Merch.
・Elvis Jukebox
・Destiny day "1954.6.25/7.5"
・Unraveling "Presley Sun Collection" ・The essence of Elvis' guitar seen in the Sun era ・ELVIS 1956 ・When I was a boy, I dreamed of becoming a gospel singer. Gem gospel "20"
11 Artists Who Influenced Elvis
・Passion for Elvis ・Mother, Gladys Working Woman Pioneer of working women ・Column, etc. (Squid! Cover song “30” / Ikasu! Elvis, what day is it today? / Last Days / What if ~ Elvis is ... / Elvis test 100 questions / Elvis spotting mistakes news & topics) Reader's photo gallery "Elvis & Me!!!!!"
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