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The Biscats CD “J-BOP SUMMER”

The Biscats CD “J-BOP SUMMER”

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The Biscats' first cover album "J-BOP SUMMER" is now available!
Covers of famous songs from the 80's and 90's with rockabilly arrangements. A total of 12 songs selected through voting.
The first cover album of The Biscats.
The CD jacket for ``J-BOP SUMMER'' was designed by Kenichi Oshika, who is well-known for the character design of ``Chico-chan ni Yareru!''.
Songs included: 1. Summer Festival 2. The Hottest Summer in the World 3. Rouge's Message 4. Heartbroken for Julia 5. Oneway Generation 6. Blue Coral Reef 7. 5 Seconds Before Falling in Love with Maji 8. Mr. Harley Davidson 9. From black to pink 10. Stranger 11. Rock'n'Roll in the mood 12. Dear Friends

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