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The Biscats SINGLE CD "Hajikechatte! Summertime"

The Biscats SINGLE CD "Hajikechatte! Summertime"

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■ Product description

A new single from The Biscats, who are active mainly by Misaki (Misaki Aono), who has a face as a model and fashion producer. Coupling of NTV's "Buzz Rhythm 02" May opening theme song "Hajikechatte! Summertime" and "Twist Again". The 3rd anniversary event "3rd YEAR ANNIVEASARY PARTY" was held with sold out tickets. On April 16th, he will be the only person from Japan to participate in the world's largest rockabilly event "VIVA LAS VEGAS ROCKABILLY WEEKEND 25", which will be his second appearance. From May 22nd, the nationwide tour 2022 "Hajikechatte! Summertime" will start. The Biscuit's rapid progress continues.

■ Product specifications

product name The Biscats SINGLE CD / "Hajikechatte! Summertime
model number
Songs included in "Hajikechatte! Summertime" 1. Crash! Summertime
2. Twist Again
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