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The Biscats "Teddy Boy feat. TeddyLoid"

The Biscats "Teddy Boy feat. TeddyLoid"

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Biscats' latest work is a 3-song EP that challenges the possibilities of rockabilly♪ Produced by legendary Japanese rockabilly scene Koji Kume (BLACK CATS, MAGIC, etc.), all 3 songs challenge the possibilities of rockabilly sound. Record songs. The title song "Teddy Boy" and the coupling "Hot and Cool" are the first ambitious works that teamed up with TeddyLoid, an up-and-coming creator and sound producer with a rockabilly background. Both songs are recorded in two arrangements, TeddyLoid's featuring version and band version, and you can fully enjoy the charm of rockabilly's musical depth and swing. The Biscats, who have inherited the DNA of J rockabilly, follow the rockabilly sound of the royal road, but are constantly changing and progressive! Released from the BEAT TOKYO label!!

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product name The Biscats / Teddy Boy feat.TeddyLoid
model number
"Teddy Boy feat. TeddyLoid" 1. Teddy boy feat. TeddyLoid
2. Hot and Cool feat TeddyLoid
3.Teddy Boy
4.Hot and Cool
5. magic hour
6. magic hour (instrumental)
Includes 6 tracks
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