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``THE Rockabilly!'' is a familiar mook that condenses the people, music, fashion, and culture that are fascinated by rockabilly. ” 7th edition.
In this issue, we will tell you all about the stories of Graceland, the palace that Elvis loved throughout his life, as well as people who enjoy happy lifestyles through exposure to 50's culture, cars, motorcycles, and treasure collections. No matter where you look at it or where you read it, it's a rockabilly book!

[Main contents (scheduled/in no particular order)]
Graceland “Rockabilly Palace” that Elvis loved throughout his life

50's stars of the Hollywood revolution era Grace Kelly/Vivien Leigh/Marlon Brando/Ricky Nelson

“Cream Soda” Ultimate Collection!

Little America scene, Honmoku Street

The coveted 50's Volkswagen

My Rockabilly Life The scent of British cars fills my garage

A dreamy rockabilly day in a small country town "Sukagawa Regent"

50's American Diner + Showa Retro Cafe "New Toge"

Rockabilly Queen Akiko Urae's Rockabilly Cooking

Rockabilly Fashion East & West 2024
Recommended fashion items from popular brands that will make your heart flutter

Pop! Pop! Pop! Always happy with rockabilly!

Pop American donut "Vicky's"

Dual-wielding rockabilly!? “Yusuke”

Vice Chairman of All Japan Rockabilly Promotion Committee GENE Karube

Recommended by Zaroka Brian Setzer's new work "The Devil Always Collects"

New generation of rockabilly “HIGH DRAMATICS”

Popular dance unit “GOOD SPIRITS”

“Japanese Buddy Holly!?” Johnny Hanazono, passionate performer

New Rockabilly Shop, Bar & Cafe
Glovin/Bonds/Love Me Tender

Showa Style Maker Punch production record “Hot Dog Billy-kun”

Elvis's best fight part 4 vs. Bob Dylan "Don't worry about it"

Get excited every day with “Boogie Woogie”!

1958, the first year of Japanese rockabilly

Showa Memoir “King of the Sauce World, Worcestershire Sauce”

Memorial 2023 “Jerry Lee Lewis/Robert Gordon/Jeff Beck?”

Kenichi Yamaguchi's Rockabilly News "Miura Rockabilly Festival"

“Rockabilly in bed and awake!” by two men and women who love rockabilly!

A collection of highly recommended rockabilly shops!

Rockabilly Column, Information (Rockabilly Associated Colors/Rockabilly Way/Five Articles/Manga Rockabilly Detectives/Elvis Photo Album, etc.)

Reader-submitted photo gallery “We Love Rockabilly! + Showa Photo Studio”

*Contents may change.

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