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Vintage Oriental Style Pierce

Vintage Oriental Style Pierce

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■ Product description

An image of oriental accessories from the 1940s and 1950s♪ Mini-type mahjong tiles that are slightly smaller than ordinary mahjong tiles are available in classic ivory (white) and retro black and red. It goes well with an oriental dress-up coordination, but it's also wonderful with Aloha and a T-shirt♪ Matching bracelets with natural stones are also available♪
* Mahjong tile patterns will be assorted. Among the tiles, there is a plain one, but it will be a white tile called Haku.

■ Product specifications

product name [SWEET ROCKIN'] Vintage oriental style mini mahjong tile swing earrings/vintage oriental style PIERCE
model number PIERCE_vintage_oriental_style
Color white, red, black

■ size

H about 17mm, W about 11mm, D about 10mm
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